Saint Gobain (Gyproc)/Gypsum Plastering, ceiling tiles & accessories.

Saint Gobain (Gyproc)/Gypsum Plastering, ceiling tiles & accessories

Being the main distributors of Gyproc, we have an extensive range of all ceiling, flooring, roofing & wall products and related accessories. The most in-demand product, Gyproc Elite MR, is a moisture resistant gypsum plaster suitable for the use in high moisture coastal areas and wet areas of a building. It is a one-coat gypsum plaster specifically designed to provide extra protection with low absorption of moisture in the air or from surfaces giving excellent results in skirting areas, with problems arising out of capillary action, efflorescence and penetration dampness. All the products of Gyproc are available; you name it, we get it. Gyproc’s Gypsum plastering products like Gyproc ELITE MR, Gyproc Elite 100, Gyproc Supreme 80, Gyproc Xpert+, Gyproc BOND-it, Gyproc Glass Fiber Mesh; Gyprex PVC Laminated Ceiling Tiles of various designs & patterns; Profiles & Accessories like PVC Corner Beads, PVC Tile Skirting, PVC Inner Corner Beads etc.

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Saint-Gobain Gyproc Product Ranges

Gypsum plasterboard systems for false ceilings and drywall, acoustic ceiling panels (gypsum, mineral fibre, metal and glass wool) and gypsum plaster solutions are all part of our product range. A wide range of metal frames, accessories, connecting and finishing components are available to complement our systems.

Saint-Gobain Gyproc PlasterBoards

Gyproc gypsum board is the ideal wall and ceiling option for today's structures, offering high levels of fire safety, mold and moisture resistance, sound and thermal insulation for the comfort and safety of its occupants. Creates a modern interior environment that offers a touch of character.

Saint-Gobain Jointing & Finishing Products

The perfect wall and ceiling solution for today's structures, Gyproc gypsum board offers excellent levels of fire safety, mold resistance and sillage to create a modern indoor environment that offers comfort and safety to its occupants. Provides moisture resistance, soundproofing and thermal insulation.

Features of Saint-Gobain Gyproc Products

By integrating Comfort with today's specific needs (Performance, Safety, Flexibility, Accessibility, Beauty), Saint-Gobain India creates superior living spaces and helps improve everyday life. Helpful.

Gyproc offers sustainable solutions for eco-friendly homes.