Ramco Hilux Calcium Silicate Boards

Ramco Hilux Calcium Silicate Boards

Hilux Calcium Silicate Board is constructed from fibre-reinforced calcareous and siliceous materials. A stable, powerful crystalline structure is produced by curing it at high temperature and steam pressure. Hilux Calcium Silicate Board is a premium, modern building product made at Ramco's two cutting-edge facilities in the nation utilising the ground-breaking HPSC technology, guaranteeing quality, durability, and consistency. Hilux is therefore a favourite material with a wide range of end-users as well as the discriminating architectural and interior fraternity.

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Top rated building materials for drywall and ceilings

Ramco Hilux is a calcium silicate board made from siliceous and calcareous materials reinforced with cellulose fibres. The plates are manufactured using the laminar process, then using the HPSC process to obtain a stable crystal structure. Ramco Hilux has incredible properties compared to plywood, plaster, MDF or other wood composite panels on the market, making it ideal for drywall applications such as walls, partitions and ceilings.
Perfect for walls, partitions and ceilings, Ramco Hilux is used in a wide range of industries including healthcare, hospitality, education, textiles, engineering, information technology and the manufacturing sector. Ramco Hilux calcium silicate board is part of Ramco's vision of green buildings and is a GreenPro certified product by the CII-Green Products and Service Council. GreenPro is a guarantee that products bearing the GreenPro label are environmentally friendly throughout their life cycle.

Ramco Hilux is India's only 4 hour fire resistant calcium silicate panel system.

The Ramco Hilux retains its shape even when submerged in water for 24 hours.

Being naturally inorganic, Ramco Hilux is 100% termite resistant, unlike plywood or gypsum board that termites eat.

Ramco Hilux is the only sheet free from mold, ensuring a clean and healthy environment. Moisture and natural wear and tear can cause mildew on wood and plywood materials.

Ramco Hilux panels and acoustic tiles have excellent soundproofing properties with a transmission class of 39-56 dB, making them suitable for auditoriums, recording rooms and theaters.

Ramco Hilux panels have excellent insulation properties. This minimizes heat transfer within the building, reducing energy and costs by 40%.

No wood is used in the construction of the Ramco Hilux, so there is no deforestation, helping Mother Earth stay green and healthy.

Ramco Hilux is suitable for many types of surfaces such as paints, wallpapers, laminates, veneers and ceramic tiles.