INSUboards of Supreme brand is another set of ceiling, wall & floor boards that we have. INSUboard is the most favoured and ideal choice for wall insulation because of its lightweight, strong vapour diffusion resistance, greater thermal resistance, and simplicity of handling. INSUboard is a suitable material for heavy load-bearing industrial and cold storage flooring due to its combination of high strength and long-term durability. On request, special grades with increased density and compressive strength that can bear significant static and dynamic stress are available.

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INSUboard Roof Grade

INSUboard offers many special properties and advantages for installing inverted roof systems, such as light weight, negligible water absorption, long durability and low thermal conductivity. Its high strength makes it an ideal solution for overdeck insulation.

  • Non-traffic roofs with gravel surfaces
  • Roofs for pedestrians and vehicles (parking lots) with adequate protection.
  • Intensive and extensive roof gardens
  • Flat roof renovation

INSUboard Wall Grade

INSUboard – Light weight, relatively high vapor diffusion resistance, high thermal resistance and easy to use, making it the perfect solution for wall insulation.

  • Exterior wall insulation
  • Internal wall insulation
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • EIFS (external insulation and finishing system)

INSUboard Floor Grade

The combination of high strength and long durability makes INSUboard the material of choice for heavy-duty industrial and cold storage floors. Special grades with high density and compressive strength to withstand high static and severe dynamic loads are available upon request.

  • Industrial floors such as the pharmaceutical and electronics industries.
  • Cold Storage