GRG Tiles

GRG Tiles

A combination of gypsum powder, cement, and water that has been reinforced with glass fibres is used to make glass-reinforced gypsum ceiling tiles, commonly known as GRG ceiling tiles. This composition of Gypsum and Cement makes it a non-combustible Grid Ceiling tile and the additional reinforcement mabe with a fiberglass membrane results in a Strong, lightweight, durable, naturally pre-stressed ceiling tile.

Combining the eco-friendly 3,000-year-old material gypsum with the latest high-tech fiberglass reinforcement, traditional craftsmanship and the latest CAD-CAM technology, GSP manufactures a wide range of molds that enable licensees and GRG manufactures ceiling panels that: technical standards. Developed by GSP in the 1970s, this proprietary composite material has evolved into over 30 standard ceiling tiles, panels and surrounding details to provide a cost-effective solution for most suspended ceiling applications. Manufactured from GRG (Glass Reinforced Gypsum), our tiles consist of a non-combustible gypsum plaster reinforced with a fiberglass membrane, resulting in a lightweight, strong, naturally reinforced panel. Special module size tiles from 300 x 300 to 1200 x 1200 mm can be made to order if not available as a standard product.

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INSUboard Roof Grade

GRG Ceiling Tiles GRG Ceilings define, enhance and accentuate areas within a building. They can take many forms such as sunken soffits, raised vaults, circular or oval shapes, light troughs with hidden lighting, slopes and angles, or any combination of the above. We have developed a method to seamlessly integrate GRG profiles into areas with plasterboard ceilings. Our spray plaster technology offers very high quality standards. This creates the ultimate monolithic finish with a thin layer of plaster covering the entire surface. With our experienced designers and experienced ceiling installation team, we can do the installation work for your complete project.

Advantages of GRG Ceiling Tiles

Metal ceiling tiles have been used in construction for thousands of years. These tiles have many advantages over stucco ceilings in terms of appearance, durability and versatility.

Metal ceiling tiles are durable, durable and elegant. They are available in various price ranges. Installing metal ceiling tiles in your home is always a wise investment as these tiles add value to any building.

Being made of metal, these ceiling tiles are impervious to many of the factors that damage regular gypsum ceilings. Metal ceiling tiles won't rot, crack or absorb moisture and are a surefire way to add strength to your building.

The main drawback of gypsum ceilings is their sensitivity to moisture. Accumulated water or condensation can seriously damage gypsum ceilings. This damage can only be undone by costly repairs or, in some cases, rebuilding.Metal ceilings are less sensitive to moisture, so they last longer.

Unlike gypsum ceilings, which crack and warp over time and with factors such as moisture, metal ceilings maintain their shape and beauty for a long time. These tiles are resistant to peeling, unlike gypsum ceilings. Having metal ceiling tiles in your home or office will save you from worrying about maintenance and repairs for a long time.

metal ceiling tiles are available in many finishes including steel, copper, brass, chrome and aluminum. It can also be purchased in various effects such as bare, polished, and powder coated.