Bison Panel Boards

Bison Panel Boards

Bison Panel is a cement-bonded particle board developed by NCL Industries that contains 62% cement and 28% wood. The panel has the workability of wood and the strength and durability of cement, due to the use of a unique production method. Many internal and exterior applications, like the roof sarking of the contemporary airports in India, make substantial use of Bison Panels. Bison Panels are resistant to fire, termites, and dampness.

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Bison Panel

Bison Panel is a cement-bonded plywood made from 62% cement and 28% wood. Thanks to a special manufacturing method, this panel combines the strength and durability of cement with the workability of wood. Bison panels are widely used in a variety of interior and exterior applications such as roof sarking for modern airports in India. Bison panels are fire, termite and moisture resistant.

Both sides of the base plate have a smooth surface.

  • Regular standard corrugated board is available in various thicknesses from 6mm to 40mm.
  • The board is available in standard sizes of 8ft x 4ft and 10ft x 4ft. Custom sizes of 6ft x 4ft and 4ft x 4ft are available in 6mm upon request.
  • Boards are natural gray in color and can be laminated, painted or otherwise finished.

Attributes, Properties & Applications in General

If a fire breaks out nearby, spray it with water to extinguish it. Therefore, a good building board should be both fire resistant and moisture resistant. Some boards that are said to be highly fire resistant cannot withstand water. Similarly, some boards that claim to be waterproof cannot withstand fire. However, Bison panels are fire and moisture resistant, which is a clear advantage.

In the event of a fire incident, the risk comes from the smoke, not the actual fire. Panels that use synthetic resins as joining material emit large amounts of smoke and toxic gases that are harmful to health. Bison panels may emit a very small amount of smoke that is non-toxic and harmless when ignited. This free standing bison panel is 100% asbestos free.

Cement is the main component of the panel's matrix, Bison Panel is as weather resistant as other cement products. The wood particles in the boards are calcified and coated with cement, so they are not attacked by termites. The Building Research Institute in Watford, England conducted long-term irrigation trials of bison panels. We found that bison panel streaks when exposed to 20 °C and 65% RH slightly increased the strength of bison panels during the first three years of his life. When tested 15 years later, there was no change from the original strength. Note that these tests were done with unprotected bare substrate strips. Such high durability is rarely found in other boards.

Dimensional instability is primarily due to moisture absorption and release. All plywood absorbs moisture and releases it again. Bison panels absorb and release moisture. But it doesn't suffer from dimensional instability/variation. The thickness expansion of Bison Panel when immersed in water for 24 hours is only 1.5, which is negligible. Other boards swell 10-15 times.