The calcium silicate tiles made by Aerolite are safe, light, and water resistant. Due to its semi-exposed placement, it is resistant to significant temperature and moisture gradients. Additionally, the tiles have various textures and gradients, expanding the options on the board.

Is Aerolite just a Cal-Si board?

The calcium silicate board available on the market has traditionally been designed and manufactured primarily for bulkhead applications. They are very heavy (10 mm thick board > 10 kg/m²) and are not suitable for suspended ceilings. A pure calcium silicate binder (no cement added) formed by the reaction of lime and silica under vapor pressure has excellent thermal insulation properties (very low thermal conductivity of ≤ 0.05 W/m°K similar to refractory insulation with Therefore, unlike other calcium silicate boards, our tiles will not crack easily when exposed to fire. Save 33% on HVAC energy costs compared to regular Cal-Si panels Low Density (average density 350 kg/m 3 ) - Lightweight Ceiling Tiles Integrally Densified Panel Edges - Panels Provides excellent edge strength and allows plenum access without damaging panel edges Molded products with endless possibilities for molded design patterns

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'Aerolite' is a lightweight calcium silicate ceiling system with several unique features, fulfilling all the requirements for an ideal ceiling from a building designer, architect/engineering point of view. "Aero Light" is a patented product.

Aerolite ceilings are available in a range of attractive surface textures and design options to meet the most demanding creative needs of today's interiors. Available in a variety of geometric patterns with subtle relief, the design range offers a wealth of inspiring possibilities for creating truly inspiring and striking interiors.

The Aerolite blanket is 100% moisture resistant and unaffected by humidity, water and extreme temperatures. Aerolite blankets do not soften or sag even in humid environments. "Aerolite" blankets can be used in all weather conditions, without the need to control indoor temperature changes or humidity levels.
"Aerolight" ceilings do not lose their physical integrity, even in the event of condensation from air conditioning ducts or water leaks from the main ceiling above the false ceiling, making them ideal for industrial and semi-exposed spaces. But it's safe to use.

'Aerolite' non-cementitious lightweight calcium silicate ceilings are classified as non-combustible per BS 476 Part-4. According to BS476: PART-7 Flame spread was zero during the test period, classified as 1.36, 2.55 and 1.49 for 'Class 1' low sub-indexes i1, i2, i3. Der BS 476: Part 4, Part 6, and Part 7 results provide customers with products that are non-combustible, flame-free, and significantly limit heat release in the event of a fire. This means that 'Aerolite' ceilings offer better fire protection.